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Purpose / Reason for Establishment
The main objective of ARGEFAR is to carry out research and development activities in the field of basic and applied sciences related to pharmaceuticals and to combine the studies on the same subject independently from each other in order to achieve production-oriented results.
Although there are many related disciplines and studies which provide important findings and knowledge, there are separate and uncoordinated strategies that cannot be produced as individual results and functional results cannot be produced on behalf of our country.
It is thought that conducting the research in a coordinated manner within the framework of a multidisciplinary research at every stage from obtaining raw material to licensing will help to produce the results of the intended quality.
University research and application centers are expected to provide important services after bringing together related faculty members and assistants and assistants and technical staff in various institutions with a multidisciplinary approach on certain issues.
The secondary aim of ARGEFAR is to carry out all kinds of basic and clinical researches required by the Pharmaceutical Industry and to perform all kinds of services required within the framework of national legislation.

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