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Quality management system

For Our Customers,
Our aim is to offer our services that meet / meet the evolving requirements in the national / international field, always, quickly, accurately, at the most cost-effective, respectful to our confidentiality and agreements, and to provide customer priority, to receive feedback and to minimize any complaints. Openness and trust are essential in relationships.
Our work
Accuracy of results is a priority. In case of any negative results, the whole working system is reviewed and verified and, if necessary, our customers are informed.
Our employees,
“Good Professional Practices” are based on the principles of independence, impartiality and openness, with a management approach free from internal / external pressures and conflicts of interest. Knowing and adopting the Quality Management System and documentation, and applying the policies and procedures in its works. The importance of their work is explained to our employees and their training takes priority.
Our Yönetim Quality Management System,
Ensuring the effectiveness of our system that we have established to ensure the quality of our work / results is within the scope of the “Continuous Improvement” objectives and all necessary measures have been taken to prevent the changes to be made affecting the operation of the system.
Our organization
"It is an organization that constantly develops and develops by sharing information." 
As Senior Management,
All kinds of contributions are made in order to develop the Yönetim Quality Management System ve and reach the defined targets, and all processes are followed and finalized. In order to ensure independence and impartiality; Protection of impartiality against all parties; maintaining independence without being affected by commercial, financial and other external pressures; it is our promise to provide all logistical resources considered / envisaged.

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