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  • TR-PHARMA by the first time in our country developed candidate biological molecules of the first clinical study to be used in the treatment of certain orphan diseases "ARGEF Phase Research Clinic (ARGEF Clinic II)" to be launched in the first application in humans in Turkey (FIH: First in Human) Phase I study
  • Regarding the amendments to be made in articles 2,3,5,7,9 and 13 of ARGEFAR Regulation Sen The Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Drug Development and Pharmacokinetics Research and Application Center was published in the Official Gazette dated 05.09.2016 and numbered 29822 and entered into force.
  • Establishment of “R & D & Product Development (AG) Unit ve in a new area (building) of ARGEFAR and“ Biotechnology (IT) Laboratory AR as a sub-unit, “Product Development & Quality Control (ÜG) hizmet Laboratories as a second sub-unit in this structure
  • Establishment of the Yönetim Contracted Research Organization Management Unit Yönetim
  • Establishment of “Health Technologies Assessment Unit“
  • Establishment of the “Supervisory Board“
  • For the .C Microbiology Laboratory of EEG Laboratories “, T.C. Obtaining “Work Permit dan from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
  • For the .C Pre-Phase Research Unit “. Obtaining “Work Permit (license) dan from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in line with the Yönetmelik Regulation on Welfare and Protection of Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes (13.12.2011, No: 28141) ve and initiation of research activities (Ege University) The first laboratory where pre-phase work processes can be carried out together)
  • Establishment of a İz Project Monitoring Unit üzere to ensure that the projects are under control
  • The establishment of the “Pre-Phase Research Unit gerekli required for animal studies as the first stage of the pharmaceutical research processes was carried out by .C T.C. Applying for “establishment permission” to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
  • In order to carry out Phase I studies within the scope of “Clinical Research Unit” studies, T.C. Obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Health
  • “Establishment of“ Microbiology Laboratory olarak as a new unit in ÇEG Laboratories, “T.C. Obtaining establishment permission from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and applying for “work permit,, completing the application for extending the scope to TÜRKAK for accreditation
  • Establishment of “Cosmetic Products Evaluation Unit için for cosmetic product evaluations
  • Establishment of “Clinical Research Unit” and separation of processes before and after clinical applications
  • Establishment of G ARGEFAR Clinical Research Clinic (ARGEFAR Clinic II),, T.C. Inspection by the Ministry of Health and approval of the opening (27 April 2011) and the opening of the T.C. To be done by the President
  • Establishment of ob Biosimilar Products Laboratory ve and maintenance of infrastructure works
  • Reorganization of “ARGEFAR Klinik I” infrastructure
  • "Ege Internal Audit Unit ilk
  • In “ÇEG Laboratories::
    • successful reaccreditation audit and approval for the second five-year period
    • expanding the scope of accreditation (TÜRKAK and DAP)

                        (total number of accredited analyzes: 43 pesticides: 482)

  • Founder and Director of ARGEFAR Prof.Dr. Işık TUĞLULAR retired from age limit and Assoc. Appointment of Ercüment KARASULU
  • Prof. dr. Işık TUĞLULAR being appointed as the Chairman of the Advisory Board established within ARGEFAR
  • Approval of the newly established “Phases Clinic öngörülen by the Rectorate and commencement of clinical construction
  • Establishment of os Biocidal Products Laboratory ”
  • Ege The commission established by the Rectorate and evaluating the Research and Application Centers to carry out the audit and to take the decision of ARGEFAR to continue its activities
  • Improvement and reorganization of infrastructure in Administrative Units and laboratory buildings
  • In “ÇEG Laboratories;
    • T. C. Obtaining “Biocidal Product Analysis Authorization Certificate’ from the Ministry of Health
    • expanding the scope of accreditation (TÜRKAK and DAP)
  • In ARGEFAR Clinic;
    • Realization of the first Phase I study with oral administration in Turkey
  • In “ÇEG Laboratories;
    • expanding the scope of accreditation (Sugar Components Analysis in Foods)
  • In “ÇEG Laboratories;
    • Expanding the scope of accreditation (TURKAK and DAP) (Balda olin Prolin ”,“ Electrical Conductivity ”,“ HMF ”,“ pH & Free Acidity ”,“ Naphthalene Residue Analysis ”, EB EBDC Analysis in Tobacco”, Kalıntı Streptomycin Residue Analysis ”and“ Sugar ptom Components Analysis ”)
  • Rejection of the issue in the Senate of Ege University after the acceptance of the opening of programs at the Institute of Health Sciences.
  • In the EG ÇEG Laboratory;
    • Accreditation of TURKAK for C4 C4 sugar, sulfonamide and tetracycline analysis in honey “and TURKAK and DAP accreditation for“ ASU L 00.00-34 1999-11 ”analysis method and AK Pesticide Multiple Residue Analysis”.
    • The definition of “EEG Laboratory” as “EEG Laboratories ve and T.C. Obtaining “Establishment Permit” and “Activity Permit sonr from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as“ Special Food Control Laboratory ”.
  • Acquisition of the Trademark Registration Certificate from the Turkish Patent Institute under the name of Üniversitesi Ege University Pharmaceutical Development and Pharmacokinetic Research Application Center / ARGEFAR “
  • In the EG ÇEG Laboratory;
    • TURKAK and DAP audit process and as the first approval, “Balda C 4 sugar, sulfonamide and tetracycline analysis DA DAP accreditation
                      (First national and international joint accreditation among academic institutions)
  • In ARGEFAR Clinical and Bioanalytical Laboratory;

           initiation of bioavailability / bioequivalence studies.

  • Opening of Phytotherapy Courses (3 digits).
  • Application for the opening of some graduate and doctorate programs within the Institute of Health Sciences
  • ARGEFAR Training Hall ”building construction completed.
  • Opening of various courses related to the field of activity of the center.
  • Application to TURKAK and DAP for international accreditation of “ÇEG Laboratory”
  • Application and approval of ARGEFAR Bioanalytical Laboratory to the Ministry of Health for Laboratuvar Good Laboratory Practices (ILU) IL.
  • Initiation of clinical infrastructure construction.
  • Establishment of Araştırma Clinical Research Management Units ”and“ Clinical Research Support Units üzere to take part in Pharmaceutical Clinical Research processes and active participation in the process.
  • Establishment of Environmental & Food Analysis Laboratory.
            (Do the first purity analysis of honey exported from Turkey and adding new criteria).
  • Structure of “Product Development Unit”
  • The first "Contract Research Organization between academic institutions in Turkey" to begin the application
  • Initiation of the construction of the new ARGEFAR building.
  • Relocation of ARGEFAR Laboratory to the relevant department in the new building
  • “Rubia Tinctorium-Root Dye” project given to the State Planning Organization to eliminate and improve its deficiencies over time
  • Making regulations in line with the amendment of the regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 22901
  • Establishment of Central Laboratories with the budget obtained within the framework of the investment project deemed appropriate
  • Moving to the headquarters building which is currently being used as “Administrative Units.
  • Application to SPO for investment project that will provide basic laboratory equipment of the center
  • ARGEFAR Foundation and Central Directorate. Dr. Appointment of Işık TUĞLULAR
        (The first center established for pharmacokinetic research and where all clinical research processes can be performed)

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