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Quality Coordinator

Basic Training on Laboratory Accreditation (TS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005)

It introduces the relevant standards and requirements for the establishment, implementation and development of the “quality management system a in order to ensure the quality of the results and acceptance of the test reports in the laboratories providing analysis services in national / international area.

Importance and benefits of accreditation; General Information on Quality Management Systems and ISO / IEC 17025; National and international legal requirements; Laboratory Accreditation Process; Management and Technical Conditions of the Standard and ARGEFAR Laboratories Visit and Sample Applications.


Good Laboratory Practice (ILU) (GLP) Training

Introduce principles of Good Laboratory Practices and requirements and methods for certification of test laboratories.
In accordance with the principles, the quality system regarding the planning, conducting, monitoring, recording, archiving and reporting of laboratory studies and management procedures; the qualification certification requirements; Visiting ARGEFAR Laboratories and Sample Applications.


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