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Bioanalytical Laboratory

The first applications for analysis to ARGEFAR BİO Laboratory are made to ARGEFAR Senior Management.
Test Item Acceptance and Cold Archive Unit
The test substances are brought to the PfP Laboratory from the sponsor / ARGEFAR Clinic, pre-prepared (serum, plasma separation, etc.) in accordance with the 'TM Acceptance Criteria' and properly packaged / preserved. It is delivered as a Kabul Witness Test Material ((for repetition if necessary) to be stored in the Cold Archive Unit (as long as defined in the contract) in two separate groups to be analyzed and in the tubes of different color to be mixed.
Sample Preparation Unit (SP)
In the SP Unit, the test substances are treated in accordance with the pre-selected appropriate extraction method (Solid Phase Extraction Method, Liquid - Liquid Extraction Method, etc.). Samples are forwarded to the AS Unit for analysis.
Analytical Studies Unit (AS)
Quantitative analysis of the sample from the Sample Preparation Unit is carried out by working with the devices specified in the analysis method.

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