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Research and Application Center of Drug Development and Pharmocokinetics

About Us

Environmental & Food Analysis Laboratory

 This laboratory, which was established with the aim of esinde determining environmental contaminants in medicinal plants alan within the scope of the functions defined within the framework of ARGEFAR Regulation and conducting its studies, is in line with the requirements of our country / region after the knowledge and experience gained. It was developed upon the request to carry out purity and residue analysis of products sent abroad by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and members of Aegean Exporters Union.

 ARGEFAR Environmental & Food Analysis Laboratories today T.C. With the support of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and Aegean Exporters' Association to expand the equipment park, it is able to carry out the desired purity / residue analyzes in the export of live animals and various honey products as well as cereals and all kinds of manufactured foods.

Especially in the field of honey, the Environmental & Food Analysis Laboratories, which use the methods developed by itself in addition to international methods to distinguish between natural honey and adulterated honey, have been accepted as approved laboratories by the General Directorate of Protection and Control Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock continues its activities as ARGEFAR Special Food Control Laboratory.

Environmental Food Laboratory Quality Policy

Activity Area

  • ARGEFAR ÇEG Laboratories provides services to institutions / organizations / individuals in routine environmental and food analysis and research within Ege University Drug Development & Pharmacokinetic Research and Application Center (ARGEFAR).
  • It is able to carry out the required purity / residue analyzes and microbiology analyzes in many processed / unprocessed products (cereals, all kinds of food, etc.) in addition to live animals and various honey products exported within the framework of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation.
  • The analyzes performed at ARGEFAR ÇEG Laboratories are reliable enough to meet the requirements of both the legal authority and the companies selling their products in Turkey and abroad.

Our Work

  • ARGEFAR ÇEG Laboratories carry out a total of 49 “accredited analyzes sıra as well as numerous analyzes in line with customer demands.
  • DFG S19 and QuECHERS analysis methods are used for residual pesticide analysis. CEG Laboratory DFG S19 method of analysis with Turkish Accreditation Agency of Turkey (TURKAK) and the German Accreditation Cooperation (DAP) diagnosis of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 is the first accredited laboratory in accordance with. Increasing the diversity in pesticide analyzes in line with customer requests and conditions of our country has been taken as the primary target. Today, accredited results are given for 476 pesticides.
  • In terms of honey analysis, our laboratory, which uses its own (in-house) methods as well as international methods for distinguishing natural honey and natural honey, has been accepted as approved by the General Directorate of Protection and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock continues its activities.
  • natural production of foodstuffs, or added during the packaging to determine the levels of heavy metal contaminants from the environment "heavy metal" service, the numbers found in Turkey ICP / MS device is carried out by an accredited.
  • In line with the demands, the requirements for DC EBDC analysis ”(Ethylene bis dithiocarbamate) in foodstuffs and tobacco have been established and accreditation has been carried out and a customer-focused study has been realized.
  • Again, animal / vegetable oils, especially for olive oil "oil analysis" offers accredited service.
  • Within the scope of Food Microbiology, accredited results are given by using TEMPO and VIDAS devices in 7 different analyzes.
  • We also provide accredited gıda other food analyzes ”(nitrite and nitrate in vegetables and fruits, HMF in molasses and fruit juice, chloramphenicol in animal products, sulfonamide, tetracycline, macrolide, apple juice and patulin analysis in apple puree).
  • Accreditation in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 from all analyzes ”is one of the primary objectives and studies are in this direction.

Quality Management System

  • ARGEFAR Environmental & Food Analysis (EEG) Laboratories have jointly performed accreditation with two different institutions for the international validity of their analyzes and the validity of the Yönetim Quality Management System onaylanmış has been approved.
  • Starting from April 2005, the DAR (Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat) and TURKAK (Turkey National Accreditation Authority) as of 08 December 2005 with joint accreditation audits "Honey analysis", as well as of 26 OCTOBER 2006 "multi-residue analysis" to have received the international accreditation documents ( DAP Accreditation Certificate, TURKAK Accreditation Certificate).
  • On 04.12.2006, ÇEG Laboratories obtained the operating permit from the Kontrol General Directorate of Protection and Control Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs ((MARA Operating Permit).
  • The basic principle of ARGEFAR is “quality.. Within the scope of the G ARGEFAR Quality System yürürlükte in effect, the demands of industrial organizations for environmental and food analysis are increasingly increasing due to the accreditation of ARGEFAR ÇEG Laboratories analyzes (realization / acceptance of analysis results in international norms)

Laboratory Infrastructure

In ARGEFAR ÇEG Laboratories; Sample Acceptance & Reporting Unit, Sample Preprocessing & Storage Unit, Cold Archive Unit, Sample Preparation Units, Residue & Additive Analysis Unit, Mycotoxin Analysis Unit, Mineral Analysis Unit, Electrochemical Analysis Unit, Microbiology Laboratory, Analytical Studies Unit, Lounge, Gas Distribution Unit Unit, Storage and Archive Units.



Device Infrastructure

1 Piece EA-IRMS
1 Piece HPLC-UV
3 Pieces LCMS / MS
4 LC-MS / MS
6 pieces GC-MS
4 pieces GC-ECD
1 Piece GC-NPD
3 pieces GC-FID
1 GC-FID (on-column)
2 GPCs
2 Spectrophotometers
1 Piece Microscope
9 Precision Scales
3 Pieces Centrifuge
5 RouteVaporators
3 Units Nitrogen Blowing System
5 Units Nitrogen Generator
1 Piece Ultra Pure Water System
1 Piece pH Meter
20 Pieces Shredder and Shaker Device
1 TEMPO Device
1 Piece VIDAS Device
2 Pieces Autoclave
5 Pieces Incubator
1 Piece Refractometer
1 Piece Moisture Analyzer
1 Flashpoint Device
1 Piece Melting Point Device


11 chemists, 2 engineers, 7 biologists, 1 biochemist, 1 chemical technician, 1 secretary and 2 assistants total 25 personnel are employed in ÇEG Analysis Laboratories.