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Pre-Phase Research Unit

About Us

Pre-Phase Research Unit

ARGEFAR Pre-Phase Research Unit Experimental Animals Laboratory received a work permit from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock on 24.05.2013. Researchers who want to work in the Laboratory of Experimental Animals must fill out the forms below and submit them to the ARGEFAR Pre-Phase Research Unit Supervisor. Evaluation will be made in the order of application.




Our İnfrastructure

  • 27 pcs rabbit cage
  • 56 rat cages
  • 112 mouse cages
  • Inhalation anesthesia system
  • Hemogram device
  • Biochemistry analyzer
  • In-Vivo, In-Vitro Imaging System (IVIS Spectrum)


In the Pre-Phase Research Unit, there are 1 qualified and competent veterinarians, 1 chemist, 3 biologists, 1 veterinary health technician and 1 support staff.


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