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Medical Plants Unit

Certified Phytotherapy Training for Physicians

In the training process organized for the purpose of recognizing and applying scientific phytotherapy as supportive treatment, the definition, location, importance, usage areas, limits of phytotherapy and the introduction of medicinal plants; The second step includes phytotherapy and phytotherapeutics according to their field of activity, and the third step includes scientific trips for aromatherapy, preparation of medicinal teas and recognition of medicinal plants.
(Herbal ARGEF work to over treatment with drugs and medicinal plants began in 1997, was first held Phytotherapy Course of for physicians in 2003. 27.12.2010 Date "Ministry of Health in accordance with the Certified Training Regulation for the first time by argefar to the Ministry of Health in Turkey" Towards Physicians Certified Phytotherapy Training ”was issued and published in the official newspaper.


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